I am Angie Vincent and I am a newborn and family photographer in Georgetown, Tn, servicing all of Bradley County.

Let me introduce myself - I'm a wife, a mother to four daughters, one son, a bonus niece and a son in law. Now that the girls are all adults and have started their own journeys, my husband, son, and I made the move from Florida's sunny beaches to the majestic mountains of Tennessee, seeking more space for our little farm.

My photography journey began back in 1999, prompted by a scary incident involving my four-month-old daughter falling off a studio table at a chain portrait studio. Ever since that day, ensuring studio safety has been my top priority. As I captured the moments of my own children and the children in our family, my love for photography grew abundantly.

Photography became more than just a hobby; it became a passion. It allowed me to freeze fleeting moments, preserving them for a lifetime. I've dedicated myself to refining my skills, exploring various techniques and styles along the way.

Now, I'm excited to continue this adventure in the gorgeous landscapes of the Tennessee mountains. Through my lens, I aim to create lasting memories for families like yours, capturing the beauty and essence of life's most treasured moments.

Thank you for joining me on this photography journey. I can't wait to connect and embark on this creative endeavor together!